D’s Story: Coming to terms with Schizophrenia

D has had lots of different placements in care settings, and all of them have sadly broken down – until she started working with us.

D experiences hallucinations that are massively distressing to her, so helping D manage her medication is a very important step on the way to D being able to accept the hallucinations as part of her lived experience.

Before schizophrenia began to affect her, D was a gentle, well-mannered young woman who lived life to the full. Our non-judgemental and supportive approach is helping her to rediscover a life where hallucinations are not the only aspect of her that anyone sees.

She knows that we will always listen to her and help her through her experiences, however bad they are, and still see her as a person.


Case studies

The following case histories give an idea of the type of person we work with. These people have all received care at our sister home, Thomas Owen House – and those who come to John Sturrock will receive the same standard of compassionate, specialist care from our dedicated team.

J’s story: living with personality disorder

J has struggled with a personality disorder for much of his life. In previous placements, his self-harm and parasuicidal actions have meant that staff struggled to work well with...

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K’s story: Learning to manage Bipolar Disorder

K has been detained under the Mental Health Act many, many times. Chaos, vulnerability, violence and risk have been constants throughout his life. Traditional mental health services have struggled...

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