John Sturrock is a specialist nursing care home in Leeds, providing high quality, continuing care for people who have long term mental health problems.

Along with our sister home, Thomas Owen House, we provide an innovative service for vulnerable people, focusing on providing the very best care, and helping people to develop their independence.

John Sturrock opened in June 2018 and we’re excited to be able to expand our ability to provide excellent mental health care across West Yorkshire!

Our history

John Sturrock is the sister home to Thomas Owen House, a long-term care home in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, which can accommodate up to 35 people.

Thomas Owen House was opened by Kevin Martin in 1989. Over the past 28 years, we’ve developed an excellent care proposition, one that’s accepting, inclusive, and focused on improving quality of life as much as possible.

A high level of demand and referrals for places at Thomas Owen has led to the decision to expand our provision, providing more support for mental health services across the county.

With the opening of John Sturrock, we’ll be extending our compassionate care, delivered by our specialist team, into the Leeds area, with capacity for an additional 40 people.

We opened in June 2018, and are assessing placements – contact us today to find out more.


About us

Our Philosophy

We focus on what’s best for people, providing the support they need, rather than relying on outdated institutional models.

In our experience, repeated assessments and community-based rehabilitation attempts are not always the most effective path to take for an individual. Instead, we assist people in achieving a meaningful and safe quality of life, providing the support needed to remain part of the local community, and the stability needed for a reduction in difficult and painful symptoms.

A high staffing level of qualified nurses and support workers, who work directly with people every single day, is a big part of achieving this. We’ve found that, with the right support and individual care plans, we can help people achieve an improvement in their mental health, leading to much more independent living.

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Our care team

Finding the right care home is about more than just the building and its facilities – the care and support team are just as important for making sure people have the best possible quality of life.

Our team is made up of people with many years of experience in working with people who experience long-term mental health issues, and who are highly skilled in supporting people with both their physical and psychological needs.

In addition to our team of nurses, support staff are also on hand to assist with outside activities, such as trips to the shop, as well as maintenance, and we also work with a personal trainer to provide a range of exercise programmes.

We take a modern and inclusive approach to care, and our team are absolutely essential in delivering this. Our staff are trained in a variety of different care methods and techniques, and are committed to getting to know the people they work with – something we feel is really important for providing the best standard of care possible!